Bar Stool Dimensions, Standard Height, Seat Width & Leg Room


Standard Stool Dimensions & Leg Room:

Matching the right chair to your bar or counter seating is imperative for comfort.    Many buyers of stools don’t think about the leg room between the bar seat and the under side of the bar top.   While most bars and bar chairs are made within basic standards, even 1/2″ taller bar or shorter stool can make a bid difference in comfort.

Another consideration for bar stool height is the size of the person / people using the stool.   Tall people are usually more comfortable with a little more leg room, however you can rapidly decrease comfort for someone a little shorter.   From seat to underside of bar should be between 9″ and 12″, however most professional designers try to stay closer to a 10″ clearance for maximum flexibility for all family members.   12″ clearance tends to make the person sitting at the bar feel like their arms are very high and makes for an uncomfortable eating position.

Ideally, bar chairs have at least 15″ from front to back and side to side of seating area.    While narrow stools allow you to fit more seating at your bar or table, they are significantly less comfortable.

Many “American” sized stools tend to be about 17″ wide and sometimes can be as wide as 22″, which is quite large and generally quite heavy to move.  Weight and size of stools should be a significant consideration when purchasing.

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